Counseling & Training

Counseling at Life Counseling Ministries is tailored to the individual needs of each person with the purpose of strengthening their connection to the Bible, the family, and the local congregation. There is no structured program that everyone follows. A dedicated staff provides professional, caring assistance to individuals and families.

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Individual Counseling

Guidance in finding a deeper personal relationship with God and overcoming personal issues that negatively impact personal effectiveness and relationships.

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Clients can come for a week or two of intensive counseling in a quiet and peaceful setting.

Family and Marriage Counseling

Strengthening marriages by offering Godly insights, motivation, and a context for spiritual change for struggling families.

Group Counseling

Small groups of clients led by one or two staff persons on topics such as: Men and Women’s issues, Sexual abuse issues, Inner healing.

Financial Counseling

Individual counseling to apply Biblical concepts of stewardship
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Seminars and Workshops

Life Counseling Ministries provides all of its services on a donation basis, excepting a fee for room and board for individuals staying on campus. This allows anyone desiring assistance to be able to receive that help regardless of their financial situation. The Life Board has established a donation guideline of $90 per counseling session. Since Life Counseling Ministries is a charitable non-profit ministry, donations above costs of counseling are tax deductible and are used  to help others receive counseling.


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