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Meet The Staff

Dan & Emma BeachyDan Beachy, former administrator, joined the staff at Life Counseling Ministries in June of 1995. He spent 28½ years in health care at Fairfax Hospital in the DC suburbs. By clinical training, a registered respiratory therapist, he spent the last 20 years in management with a focus on personnel. Dan's training after school was in interpersonal relationships. Dan & Emma worked with hurting people in their church, so the shift to work at Life felt like a natural fit designed by God. Dan is currently working as a part-time counselor and Emma helps with the cleaning at Life.

Sam Gingerich with a Master’s Degree in Biblical Counseling has served at Life Counseling Ministries as a full-time counselor since 1999. Through experience and training, he focuses on issues in marriage, grief, and depression. He also enjoys leading the Counselor Training Workshops held every year. Originally from Plain City, Ohio, he now resides in Conestoga with his wife, Cathie, and their five children.

Dave Myer comes to us from the Ephrata area where he lives with his wife Carolyn. After 26 years, he recently retired from the lead pastoral role at the New Covenant Mennonite Fellowship Church in New Holland, PA. He also comes from a back-ground of correctional and industrial chaplaincy. He enjoys hobbies of gardening, hunting, and his 13 and counting grandchildren. He endeavors to bring a message of hope to others who are on a journey to find healing in their lives.

Hannah Beiler joined the counseling team in November 2014. Desiring to bring a  message of hope to hurting women comes from her own journey on the healing path. Hannah and her husband, Sam, reside in Lancaster, PA with three of their eight children. The decrease of children living at home simply means that God keeps increasing–and blessing–their family with wonderful sons/daughters in-law and grandchildren. It means there is always room at her table and in her heart for one more.

Norma Martin

Norma Martin, from Willow Street, PA, has been with the ministry since 1989.   She serves as office manager and her responsibilities include bookkeeping, receptionist and secretarial duties. Her hobbies include reading, traveling, photography, hiking and biking.

Darla Hackman joined the counseling team at Life Ministries in 2012. She considers it an honor to journey with other ladies through the challenging issues of life. Prior to coming to Life, she served as a personal worker and counselor with Northern Youth Programs in Ontario, Canada. A part of her heart will always be with her First Nations friends in the North. When she is able, she loves camping, canoeing, and simply being out in nature.

Michael Hochstetler joined the team at Life in April of 2016. He lives with his wife, Caia, and their son, Caleb, in Terre Hill PA. A native of Virginia, Michael spent a number of years as a volunteer prison chaplain before pursuing a counseling vocation. He has a Master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, and completed his internship at the Marriage and Family Center of Lititz and at Oasis Counseling in Neffsville, PA. Michael enjoys walking with men on their journey toward spiritual victory. He has a passion for relational healing, and is especially energized by helping married couples. He enjoys reading, music, spending time in nature and playing with his son. 

Mark Schlabach, from Conestoga, PA, has been with the ministry since 1999. He and his wife, Starla, have three children. He serves as counselor as well as caretaker of the property. Mark has been involved in prison ministry in the past.

Elaine YoderElaine Yoder came to Life Counseling Ministries as a counselor in May of 1997. She received a Masters in Biblical Counseling at Colorado Christian University. She is a registered nurse with experience in emergency and psychiatric nursing. In addition to individual counseling focusing on women’s issues with an emphasis on abuse, depression and spiritual direction, Elaine enjoys working with small therapy groups where women find personal presence and build relationship skills. Elaine’s hobbies include photography, writing and growing tropical plants and flowers.

Lois Groff joined the office staff at Life Ministries, January 2013. She serves as receptionist/secretary. Her hobbies include reading, scrapbooking, and keeping her little house comfy and open to friends and family. Lois enjoys meeting new people and adding new faces to her circle of friends. Life is like a garden. Each friend is a new flower, blooming along the way to make this journey through life a more pleasant and encouraging walk with our Lord.

Joshua Strickler

Joshua Strickler joined the staff team as a counselor in 2008 and enjoys working with a variety of counseling needs.  He received his Masters in Biblical Counseling from Westminister Seminary in Philadelphia. Joshua lives with his delightful wife, Amy, and their two children in Lancaster, PA. In his spare time he enjoys woodworking, hiking, reading and bicycling.

 Naomi Zimmerman joined the counseling team in 2013.  She is blessed to be the wife of Leon and enjoys interacting with their four children.  She comes to us with a nursing degree and some of her life experiences include prison ministry; being a pastor’s wife; mentoring students and staff in a Bible college setting; living overseas mentoring and training leaders; and volunteering for Hospice. Her passion is to encourage women to be a Godly influence in their settings and to strengthen family relationships. She enjoys hiking, gardening and music. 



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