Lester and Betty MillerThe ministry was founded through the visionary faith of Lester and Betty Miller. The first step of faith began when, as founder and administrator of Maranatha Christian School, Lester sensed the importance of giving the students experience in overseas mission. The junior class therefore began going to Haiti for their class trip.

The experience was eye-opening for everyone who went. They saw, in addition to the poverty of the people, that there was a great lack of material for Christian instruction for the believer. A ministry of printing Christian literature for third-world countries was therefore begun in 1986. Lester and Betty purchased a house with space to accommodate the growing ministry.

The next step was a growing conviction Lester began sensing, of a need for instruction for believers in finances. After training and certification by Larry Burkett, Lester began financial counseling and teaching a seminar on “Biblical Financial Guidelines.” Requests for seminars increased all across the country as Lester became nationally recognized among Anabaptist and similar groups.

As Lester counseled people in financial matters, he saw that their financial struggles were also entwined with other emotional and spiritual needs and he expanded his ministry to include marriage and individual counseling. Additional staff was added in response to the growth of the ministry, as more people began to experience the benefits of applying the principles of the abundant life of Christ to significant life issues.

Within a few years, the growth outstripped their facilities and the ministry began looking for a new facility. Several years later an old ski lodge in Conestoga was purchased. It needed some work and within six months renovations were completed. LIFE Ministries moved to its current facilities in May 1997. This new facility offered the space for the ministry to continue to expand.

Lester passed away in December 2001, but the vision for the ministry continues forward. Today a dedicated, staff of counselors provides professional, caring assistance to individuals and families.



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